MacOS – Mac Pro stuck on white loading screen

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I have Mac Pro which is running 10.8.5
After I turn on the Mac, I can see the regular apple logo, but after it's disappear, I see white screen (whiter than before) and a loading wheel for a few seconds, and it's disappear for 3-4 seconds and come back again.
And It's continue like that forever.
I suspect that start to happen after tried to attach my second monitor to my graphics card at the mini display port.

Things that I've tried so far:
Safe Boot – can't reach to it.
Reset PRAM – same results.
Running fsck –fy at single-user mode – same results.
Repair Disk – same results.
Repair Permissions – not clickable.
Reinstall Mac OS X – I get an error message "this item is temporarily unavailable"

Is there anything left for me to do?
I really hope that I won't have to reinstall everything from scratch, because I have a lot of stuff that I need on my SSD (the one which is running the OS X).

Best Answer

How did you repair your disk? I did it through command line and it helped. This topic might help.