MacOS – MacBook Pro: 2017 Unable to connect to Dell U2713HM with USB-C to DisplayPort cable

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I am trying to connect my MBP 2017 to a Dell U2713HM with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable (Part No ELUCDP-01) made by Alogic.

When I plug in the cable to the USB-C port, the monitor will say there is 'No DisplayPort cable' and then show 'Entering power saving mode'.

The main monitor on the other hand will dim for a moment and the keyboard will become unresponsive for a moment.

Anyone know how I can fix the issue?

Error messages in log:

enter image description here

ColorSync: ColorSyncProfileCreateWithDisplayID failed to get profile for kColorSyncDisplayDeviceClass

It seems to me the monitor can be recognised by the MBP. Here is a screenshot of ColorSync:

enter image description here

Best Answer

Upgrade to High Sierra (Version 10.13, build 17A405) allows the monitor to display again.

The picture quality is blurry. It is as if I am using the HDMI input.

It turns out there was issue with the Alogic cable.

At the end I purchased a new set of cables (Konix) and the problem is resolved.