MacOS – Mad Catz R.A.T. 3 mouse problems on MacBook Pro


I am having difficult time to customize the buttons on my RAT 3 mouse. I want my side buttons to go forward and backward. Anyone know how to do that?

Also scrolling wheel is inverted and I don't know how to change that?

Every time I reconnect my mouse, it doesn't register mouse settings according to always switching my DPI when I reconnect it. I am running on OSx El Capitan 10.11

Best Answer

Download the R.A.T.E software from madcatz (under software), that allows you to wire up keys to forward and back, as well as setting the DPI properly.

Note, you have to allow the app in Security & Privacy after install completes enter image description here

The inverted scrolling wheel is due to OSX treating all mouse as a Magic mouse. Changing the scroll direction to natural in system setting will affect both the touchpad and mouse, which is annoying because the touchpad direction is right. I recommend Scroll Reverser which applies scroll direction separately.