MacOS – Mavericks and App nap


One thing i've been wondering about is how Mavericks handles flash etc….

In the demo that Craig F did on stage, he hid a browser video (or animation) behind another window and then the activity monitor usage dropped to 0 for that process.

That's all great, but my question is what if you want the animation or video to run, because it's a game you DONT want paused, or a video that you're happy for it to keep running, is it the case that now when you have a hidden window that everything ceases to run in that window?

ie. I'm watching something on youtube, if I spend 5 mins sending a mail, and I go back to youtube the video will be where it was before I started the mail? (for me this is undesirable)

Same with say flash games or animations, I may to load a page, go do something else and go back to the page, now all will pause, how does this work?

Best Answer

I think you get somethings wrong about App Nap :

If the app « does something for you » (expression used by apple), I won't be stopped. So videos on youtube will continue to play while your doing other things.

It's also the same with flash games/animations. If they do something they won't be paused.