MacOS – Mountain Lion Share Sheet Keyboard Shortcuts


Using the Keyboard Preference Pane, I've assigned shortcuts to the items in the share sheet in the Finder. Command-Option-Control-M for "Email" and Command-Option-Control-C for Message. The keyboard shortcuts actually get listed next to those commands when I click on the share sheet.

My keyboard shortcuts

But they don't actually work. I've tried relaunching Finder and restarting, but to no avail. Any ideas to kickstart these commands, or is it just a glitch that they even appear in the menu?

Best Answer

Though these actions can be given shortcuts for All Applications, it does not appear that they will work in all apps. For example, Finder and Safari will not recognize them, but Preview will. I'm not sure if this is the intended functionality—due to some of the applications having application-specific sharing options—or a bug.