MacOS – move the OS X that was preinstalled on the MacBook pro to a VM running on the MacBook Pro


I would like to run linux as the primary operating system on my MacBook Pro to replace the OS X that was pre-installed with the MacBook.

I would then like to run OS X inside a virtualbox guest running on the MacBook.

  1. Is this configuration legal from a licensing perspective?
  2. My mac book was pre-installed and there wasn't an installation CD in the box. How can I get the OS X installation image for installing into Virtualbox?

I have NOT purchased a copy of OS X, and I do not wish to purchase one either 🙂

Best Answer

You could try to download the Yosemite installer (or another OSX version if your "purchased" it earlier) and try if you can install a virtual machine with it. You could also visit this link (it is for parallels, but maybe it will also work with virtual box):