MacOS – n application like Connectify for OS X El Capitan


There is a well known app for Windows named Connectify, used to share a Wi-Fi connection between a computer that only has Wi-Fi with other devices which requests that connection from the computer.

This would be useful for example to connect a Chromecast to a hotel's Wi-Fi that has one of those captive password situations through your laptop which has an interface to let you enter the password.

What's the best alternative for this app on OS X El Capitan?

Please provide the whole procedure.

This is not possible with OS X built-in Internet Sharing.

Best Answer

It is not possible without additional (external, peripheral) hardware.

Your Mac’s physical Wi-Fi interface can either be connected to a Wi-Fi network or host its own network. It can only do one of these things at a time. This means you can’t be both connected to a Wi-Fi network and sharing that Wi-Fi network’s connection over Wi-Fi. Yes, you may sometimes want to do this — for example, when you’re staying in a hotel or other location that only allows you to connect one device to its Wi-Fi network.