MacOS – Note taking for school

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I'm considering getting a Macbook or a Macbook Pro (I use Windows on my desktop computer), and I'm thinking about how note taking could be done.

Most I'm thinking would use Microsoft Word/Pages, but OneNote seems to be loved a lot of people, especially for education purposes, and it's mandatory for use for people in Years 9 and 10 in my school thanks to the NSW Digital Education Revolution.

But OneNote isn't in Office 2008, nor is it in Office 2011. So what I'm asking is that if I take the plunge, will there be any alternatives, apart from the obvious of virtualisation, Wine or CrossOver? I'm fine with using Wine/CrossOver, it's just that I would be expecting a native experience to be better.

According to a friend of mine, Word has a notebook feature, although I can't find anything about it through Google.

Best Answer

  • Check out Evernote. There are Windows, Mac, iPhone, and web versions, and all your notes are synchronized to all your devices. You can even take pictures, include them in notes, and then search any text that was in the pictures.