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When I have abc.exe generated from C#/Mono source, I use 'mono abc.exe'.

Is there a way to run abc.exe with 'abc.exe' not 'mono abc.exe'? I mean, when I run 'abc.exe', can I make 'mono abc.exe' called automatically?

Best Answer

  • See this link

    Basically what you have to do is to use one of the Mono tools (mkbundle is a generic one while macpack is designed to work on Mac OS X) to link all your application executables, resources and dll in a single executable file that can be later run as a single app.

    From the macpack doc:

    macpack is a tool that must be used to bundle Cocoa# applications into Double-Clickable, Finder friendly, bundles on Mac OS X. It bundles static libraries and resources, as well as generates a basic info.plist into the .app bundle.

    For example the following commands are used to build the CurrencyConverter.exe into an application bundle:

    $ mcs -g -debug+ CurrencyConverter.cs -out:CurrencyConverter.exe -pkg:cocoa-sharp
    $ rm -rf
    $ macpack -m:2 -o:.  -r:/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/lib/    
      libCocoaSharpGlue.dylib -r:CurrencyConverter.nib -n:CurrencyConverter 

    The resulting is just another Mac OS X application as far as the Finder is concerned, and can be opened from Finder, or launched from Terminal using the open -a CurrencyConverter command.