MacOS – Spotlight search results priority


I noticed recently (could be caused by upgrade to 10.10.4) that Spotlight is changing order of the search results dynamically as you type and OS X installed apps have no more the highest priority (I am almost sure this was the case before).

For example searching for the Caffeine app:

  1. Open Spotlight
  2. Type "caf"

The top hit starts off with the app I'm looking for (yay!)

enter image description here

  1. Press "f" so the search term is now "caff"

enter image description here

Wikipedia entry is now the first result and hitting enter opens the instead of the :(

I mostly used Spotlight for quick app opening, which is now much slower because I always have to double-check that I am actually opening the app instead of Safari.

Is it somehow possible to disable this behavior or prioritize installed apps over Internet search results?

Best Answer

System Preferences lets you choose what is displayed, but (since 10.9?) it no longer lets you select the order/priority of results. It would be nice to have that functionality back. I find that I'm constantly opening/launching something I didn't mean to because of the dynamic ordering of results in 10.11.