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Recently, I've been a bit worried about malware, so I've been examining my system and searching for out-of-place applications/programs, and this one stood out.

For one, when looking at the file in Finder, it's called, but when looking at it via the command line, it's called In other words, in Finder, I see only a "", but on the command line, I see only a "". Moreover, I tried searching for both apps, with neither returning very many results.

What is this app?

Best Answer

  • is part of OS X and is the agent responsible for all things Wi-Fi in the GUI.

    This includes everything from managing the menu bar item to showing dialogs for entering the wireless key of the network. The agent runs in the background on all Macs with a wireless service.

    Here's a converted version of the Localizable.strings which shows some of the features of the agent through the messages that can be localised.

    The reason why is shown in Finder as "" is because of the InfoPlist.strings file defining CFBundleDisplayName:

    {   CFBundleDisplayName = "Wi-Fi";
        CFBundleName = "WiFiAgent";