MacOS – this annoying popup when I try to edit text:


Recently in some apps when I select a word to edit it, I sometimes (not always) get this annoying popup:

enter image description here

Once this popup appears, I cannot edit the text selected, and have to click away from it and start again. Where does this come from, and can I suppress it?

The exact behaviour is: I select text by sweeping with the mouse. Then I move the cursor back into the selected text without touching any mouse button. As soon as the cursor is in the selection and before I can click a button, the popup appears. The same thing happens using my trackpad

Best Answer

This appears to be coming from the productivity app Things 3. You may have this in your login items (Settings → Users & Groups → User → Login Items). Disable it there to prevent it from automatically starting.

Their support site has a great deal of info on how to use the product, but I was unable to find anything on preferences/settings. There should be something in their settings that enables/disables actions when you select text.

If you have further difficulty, you may wish to contact that developer directly through their website: