MacOS – Turn on Back To My Mac via a Script or Command Line


The VPN software I use for work (IPSecuritas) requires me to turn off Back To My Mac to start it's connection, so I frequently turn off Back To My Mac in order to use my VPN connection (the program does this for me). I forget to turn it back on however and I'd love to know if there was something I could run (script, command) to turn it back on.

Best Answer

  • There is no supported way to do this. Having said that, you can do it using scutil:

    louis@Arios:~$ sudo scutil 
    > set Setup:/Network/BackToMyMac
    > d.add <YYY>  <XXX>
    > set Setup:/Network/BackToMyMac
    > quit

    Replacing <YYY> with the UID of the user account on the system (for most people with single account that is 501), and <XXX> with your iCloud account number. If you don't know that you can check your dns-sd registrations:

    louis@Arios:~$  dns-sd -E
    Looking for recommended registration domains:
     DATE: ---Wed 22 Aug 2012---
     9:11:04.789  ...STARTING...
    Timestamp     Recommended Registration domain
     9:11:04.789  Added     (More)               local
     9:11:04.789  Added                
                                                 - > btmm
                                                 - - > members
                                                 - - - > <XXX>

    The last line will list your iCloud user number. I think they are all 8 digit numbers, at least mine is.