MacOS – Uninstall python 2.7 from 10.8


I've made the tragic mistake of downloading and installing python 2.7 from instead of using homebrew. Now vim won't launch, all kinds of things are screwed up, and I can't get rid of this mess.

How do I uninstall this nonsense? I'm on 10.8, so pkgutil –unlink no longer works.

Best Answer

if you can use pkgutil on a file you know for sure came from the python 2.7 you installed you can do

pkgutil --file-info /path/to/the/file

Copy/paste the pkgid in

pkgutil --file pkgid

That will spit out a list of files that came with python 2.7 -- you can now go ahead and remove them (with all due care not to remove any unrelated file in the same directories etc).