MacOS – What’s going wrong with context menu’s Save Attachment in Apple email


Apple email will Save Attachments to a folder of my choice, when I use File / Save Attachments from the menu at the top of its window. However, if I use the context menu for the attachment icon (i.e. two fingered tap on the touchpad), and choose Save Attachment, the attachment will not be saved to a folder of my choice. It is saved to some sort of temporary folder.

What's going wrong here?

For example, with a PDF file attachment I can use the context menu and do Save Attachment and try to save to e.g. ~/Documents/email attachments. I will not be able to find it there with Finder. But with Spotlight I can find the file and open it in Preview. Then, in Preview, I can move the file to ~/Documents/email attachments (with File, Move To).

I'm using Version 7.3 (1878.2) under OS X 10.9.3 (13D65) on a MacBook Air 13 (Mid 2013).

Best Answer

OS X 10.10.3, email 8.2 seem to have fixed the problem. If I go to the header of an email having attachments, I'm offered an iconized menu that allows me to save attachments to the folder of my choice. That seems to work.