MacOSX how to ping local Windows machine by using $machine_name.local


I have home network with 3 devices:

  1. MacHighSierra
  2. Windows10
  3. WDMyClould

Bell Home Hub 2000 is the router, from my Mac, I can access #3 by doing

ping WDMyCloud.local

But the same thing didn't work for the Windows machine, I had to use IP. ping Windows10.local dosen't respond, but, ping works

Any suggestions on how to diagnose and fix?

Best Answer

According to this answer on superuser, you should be able to install iTunes on the Windows device, which includes Bonjour.

It sounds like installing iTunes, and therefore Bonjour, will enable your Windows device to be accessed via a .local address.

You can download iTunes here; iTunes - Download iTunes Now