Message: drag dmg file to applications folder keeps repeating


I have downloaded stellarphoenixmacdatarecovery.dmg file. I dragged the file from downloads folder to applications folder. I double click on the file in the applications folder and I get a message: 'drag stellarphoenixmacdatarecovery.dmg to applications folder'. When I double click on the dmg file, I expect it to install, but the message continuously repeats itself. Can someone help me with installing the dmg file?

Best Answer

Double-click the dmg file. A new window should open or it is already open. Access it with the Finder (either by the sidebar or the desktop) if it is already open but somehow hidden:

enter image description here

Now use the mouse pointer and drag the item named StellarPhoenixMacDataRecovery to the Applications folder link like indicated by the big grey arrow/the explanation above.

Open the file StellarPhoenixMacDataRecovery in your Applications folder. If you have been successful starting the application, unmount the image and delete the dmg file.