Outlook 2011 Keyboard Shortcut for going to Inbox

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Is there a keyboard shortcut in Outlook for Mac 2011 that allows me to jump back to the main Inbox folder? Under my Inbox, I have a long list of folders that spans more than a full screen. If I'm at one of the folders close to the bottom of the list, let's say Sent Items and want to quickly go back to the Inbox folder, I have to use the mouse to scroll up in the folder list and then click on Inbox.

Is there a way to go there faster? I remember there being a shortcut for this on Windows if I'm not mistaken.

Best Answer

I wrote a little AppleScript to do this. If you copy it to your "~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Outlook Script Menu Items" folder you can assign a shortcut key to it using System Preferences/Keyboard.

Works like a charm.

The script is:

on run {}   
    tell application "Microsoft Outlook"    
        set selected folder to inbox
    end tell
end run