Outlook for Mac – archive single email with a keyboard shortcut

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In Thunderbird I can press the "A" key and archive the highlighted email to a folder named after the current year. In Outlook I've seen various ways to move to a folder via a keyboard shortcut and then select the folder to move to (a two step process); I could not find a way to move an email to a particular folder with a single keyboard shortcut.

Is there a way a to move an email to a designated folder with a single keyboard shortcut in Outlook 2016 for Mac?

Note: I had previously asked this question at personal productivity but my question was deemed "too specific".

Best Answer

Can be done via Keyboard Shortcuts under System Preferences

Manually move the email once to the folder that you want, say Archives by right-clicking the email and choose it or using Shift Cmd M. After that Archives will start showing as one of the options when you try to another move email.

Make Archives folder available for shortcut

Once you’ve moved the message the folder becomes a recent item under the Move menu button in Outlook and a keyboard shortcut can now be assigned to it.

Open Keyboard Shortcuts under System Preferences and assign your favourite keyboard shortcut e.g. Control-Option-A to move messages to this folder (Archives).

Assign shortcut in System Preferences