Strange network activity virus when Aiport is off / No Wi-Fi


So I have this strange issue on my aging MBP (pre-retina generation, running 10.8.5 (need this for Maya 2013 to run), where basically the network is always showing activity even when I am not connected…

I am starting to suspect that there is some kind of virus in play, maybe?

Could someone provide me with some advice. I have captured the activity in a short video here:

Note that there are spikes in packets sent/received at about 0.17 seconds into it and again at 0.30 seconds…

How do I begin to diagnose this issue?

– J

Best Answer

First make sure to disable any Sharing, Airplay ect. and turn off your Bluetooth.

Here is a test you could run in Terminal:

Netstat -i

and look who is connected to what, by looking at the en0 (your wifi)