Sync errors between iCal and Google Calendars


For the most part iCal and Google Calendars via CalDAV just work for me. But irregularly, throughout the day, iCal will start bouncing in my dock and display a warning like the following:

iCal Sync Error

What I know about the problem:

  • It happens randomly. I can hit Refresh All in iCal and this sync error won't occur.
  • The account with the error can change. It's not always a problem with the same account. I keep three Google calendars in sync with on iCal instance.
  • It happens randomly throughout the course of a day. I can't predict when a sync will fail with this error.
  • It does happen at all hours. I've had the pop-up show up at 9 am, and 9 pm and even 3 am.
  • I've been unable to tell if the error results in an out-of-sync state between iCal and Google Calendar. That's what makes me nervous.

How can I make these sync errors go away for good?

Best Answer

This is a common error. The iCal auto setup has created an incorrect address for you. There should be no "slash" / at the end of the address i.e. it should be


To fix it, go to Preferences / Accounts and change the address, removing the final / from the Server Path setting.

AFAIK Lion no longer has this bug.