TextMate 2: How to enable/disable Code Folding


Text files shown in TextMate 2 are not currently showing me any options for Code Folding. IOW, there are are no up, down arrows over in the line number gutter on the left that allow collapsing regions of source code.

I assume I may have disabled Code Folding in the past (intentionally or unintentionally).

How does one toggle Code Folding enabled/disabled in TextMate 2?

My Setup:

  • TextMate version 2.0-alpha.9503
  • OS X 10.9.1

Best Answer

  • Since TextMate 2, I've also not had any icons in the gutter with regard to code folding.

    Currently, I am folding/unfolding through the right-click menu…

    …or by pressing F1.