The power-on jumpers on a mid-2013 MacBook Air logic board


I'm trying to locate the power-on jumpers on the logic board of mid-2013, 13" MacBook Air. Similar to this question, but for the newer model MacBook Air.

I have disassembled and cleaned all components after I had a liquid spill. Computer seems to be charging ok now; previously was not. I suspect the keyboard is damaged but want to start computer to run a systems check.

Best Answer

They are located just above the airport card. A small flat head or T7/T8 bit should work for bridging them.

You can see them in step 17 of iFixits Logic Board replacement guide: Power Pads highlighted along the top edge of the Mac, picture courtesy of iFixit Power Pads highlighted with a red square along the top edge of the Mac, picture courtesy of iFixit

Something to keep in mind is that a damaged or faulty keyboard could prevent a Mac from starting if the power button is always registering a press. If I were troubleshooting this I would first try to short it using the power pads. If that didn't work after a couple of attempts (the flat ones are more difficult to short) I would disconnect the keyboard's flex connection (to the right of the battery connection) and attempt it again.

Obviously, always use caution when working inside of a Mac that has power supplied to it.

Good luck!