Using Siri to automatically add Outlook events to iCal Calendar

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There is currently a feature for Apple Mail whereby you can enable Siri, such that it will automatically add any event/invitation picked up in Apple Mail to your iCal calendar. For example, should I receive an invite for an event on Thursday at 7 pm, it will add that to the calendar – like the below image, but automatic.

enter image description here


Currently, I use both iCal Apple Calendar and Outlook for my events, which often come in through Outlook. I am aware that Outlook does have its own calendar, but I personally prefer the iCal calendar.

I am wondering if there is a way to add Siri to Outlook such that any invitation for a meeting/any event details found could be automatically added to my iCal calendar, rather than having to manually add it?


I would prefer it if there were a way to do this without switching my Outlook and iCal mail accounts.
Perhaps a possible solution is to somehow sync the Outlook calendar to the iCal calendar?


Best Answer

I have a solution to display all Outlook Calendar events in the Apple Calendar app. (Is that what you want?, your question is mixing many things, I have solutions for each of them but what is your real need?)

I will provide screenshots but everything is in French, I hope you can locate things and/or use Google Translate ;)

  1. Open enter image description here See my calendar is empty I added a test event...

Go to settings like that :

  1. Share/Publish the calendar enter image description here

  2. Copy this link : enter image description here

Thanks to this link we can go to the Apple Calendar app and subscribe to it.

  1. Open Calendar app and click to something like subscribe to a calendar : enter image description here

  2. Paste the previous copied link

  3. You can give it a name and a colour, set few settings. enter image description here

  4. We are done ! enter image description here

As you can see the test event appeared. From now everything that is added/modified/deleted in the Outlook Calendar will be updated and showed here in Apple Calendar app as read only.

P.S. click CMD+R to trigger a refresh of Apple Calendar if needed


The solution above works for Outlook, but what if you directly have an Exchange account? The solution is even better, you can directly add the account in the Apple Calendar app (Menu Calendar > Settings > Accounts. Then tap the add button (bottom left). And finish by login your Exchange account.)

enter image description here