UMTS band 25 frequency, bandwidth, U-ARFCN and HSDPA/HSUPA

UMTS band 25 basic information
Name1900+Duplex modeFDD
Frequency (UL)1850.00 MHz - 1915.00 MHzFrequency (DL)1930.00 MHz - 1995.00 MHz
U-ARFCN (UL)4887 - 5188U-ARFCN (DL)5112 - 5413
Band bandwidth (UL/DL)65 MHzDuplex spacing80 MHz
Geography area
Channel bandwidth

UMTS band 25 HSDPA/HSUPA configurations

Single band NC-4C-HSDPA
ConfigurationDL BandNumber of DL carriers in one subblockGap between subblocks [MHz]Number of DL carriers in the other subblock