Baking – Stop rhubarb compote juice from leaking


I am making a rhubarb meringue pie by first blind-baking a short pastry, afterwards I put the rhubarb-compote onto the cake and the meringue on top, and then bake that again for a short time.

However, after and while baking, the juice of the rhubarbs starts leaking en masse. What can I do to prevent that from happening?

Best Answer

Consider two options:

Add a stabilizing agent for the compote: cornstarch immediately comes to mind, but I suppose sewit, or custard would do the trick. This automatically lends itself to needing a longer bake time which I can understand to be less favorable.

Try reducing more moisture while prepping the compote. By giving the rhubarb a longer cooking time, you can also intensify its flavor while getting a firmer, stickier compote.