Cheese – Is Casu Marzu illegal in the United States


I am having difficulty determining whether Casu Marzu is illegal in the United States. There are reports of it being available, albeit briefly, in New York last year. Also, I have heard that it is illegal because it is unpasteurized.

Wikipedia's description:

Casu Marzu….is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese, notable for containing
live insect larvae (maggots). Although found mostly in the island of
Sardinia, the cheese is also found in the nearby Corsica, where it
goes by the name of casgiu merzu.

Are all unpasteurized cheeses & dairy products illegal in the United States? Is Casu Marzu illegal because it is unpasteurized? Or might it have something to do with those maggots…

Best Answer

You ain't going to get anything like that into the states legally - not with the chance of livestock still being viable in there. It doesn't need pasteurising,it needs paralyzing before it will get past US customs.

You might get some included as a component of a cooked product, if the paperwork assures customs it doesn't actually cause death.

If you want a strong tasting cheese, try looking for Vieux Lille.