How to avoid ‘fake tasting’ fruit


I made a batch of cherry ice cream last night and for some reason it seems to taste like I have used cherry flavouring/syrup rather than the actual cherries which were used instead.

The cherries themselves had been frozen / defrosted before being added to the custard base, which I wouldn't have thought would make a difference (but maybe it does), but apart from that I'm a bit baffled as to why this has happened?

edit Cherries went into the freezer fully ripe and tasting delicious – they were unpitted and frozen in one whole batch (not separated out as you might do with say blackberries)

Best Answer

You say that they were frozen with the stones? I think it is the freezing of the stones that caused it. The stone is where most of the "artificial", almondlike flavour sits, just like with apricot pits and almonds. I bet that when they were frozen, some of them cracked and [insert correct name of flavour agent] seeped out into the flesh of the fruit.