How to make the shell for this dinosaur egg dessert


I found this very interesting dessert online:

close-up several views

How can I make this? In particular, how would you make the eggshell?

Best Answer

This seems to be a version of the chocolate ball, only not intended for melting.

The standard chocolate ball is made by covering the inside of a spherical mold with tempered chocolate, then melting away the bottom so it can be placed over a scoop of ice cream. For the detailed process, see this video.

This version seems to use white chocolate instead. It is impossible to tell what the dots are, exactly, my best guess would be Oreo cookies ground to fine crumbles. An alternative would be ground (unpeeled) nuts like hazelnuts, or some poppy seed (that's probably not what the picture uses, but it would work well when you recreate the recipe).

The biggest problem would be the mold, I have no idea where you can source one. There are methods for making your own silicone molds from mixing caulking silicone with cornstarch, but I wouldn't consider them foodsafe. Maybe you can get away with using the paint-a-balloon method, but the shape won't be completely egglike. You may be able to hide this by using a more egg-shaped balloon, like the ones with a bit of a tube before the round body, and melting some more of the base away (where the balloon's tube is).

The egg in the picture looks like the ice cream is larger than the base. For that, you may need to work in two halves and glue them, which would be very fuddly work.

The nest looks simple, just use whatever form of chocolate sprinkles and shaved chocolate you have.