How to tell if it is honey, super filtered honey, or corn syrup


There is this article here in Australia that an importer has labeled corn syrup as honey. It has been imported from Turkey and it has been sold to people. I think this is not just happening here in the land of OZ. Just with a little bit of searching I found out that there is some international conspiracy against the humble bees and people messing up the natural processes. There is even super filtered honey that does not have any pollen at all. I always thought the pollen is the most important part of honey. You might as well just have corn syrup instead.

I would like to know if there is a any way to tell the difference between corn syrup, super filtered honey, and natural honey.

The article:

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Buying local honey is one way to be sure that what you are getting is "honey". I've never heard of people passing off something else as honey. Isn't that why we have the fda? If you are buying it in the store, check the lable... my honey has one ingredient; honey.