Marron glacé / Candied chestnuts breaking up. How to avoid this


I always use frozen chestnuts to make marrons glacés since I can find those all year long (not only during winter) and because they're already pealed.

I can cook them in simmering water without making them split or break up. But they always start breaking up on the third or fourth day when candying them.
How can I prevent them from breaking into pieces and keep them whole?

When I candy them, it's 75% sugar, 25% water, brought to boiling point. I turn off the heat, wait for the boiling to stop, and put the basket inside the pot. And wait 24 hours before next plunge.

Thanks for any help

Best Answer

I have not made Marron Glaces. However I have been researching how to make them and found someone, who had used a washed onion bag to put the chestnuts in to stop them breaking up. Apparently this works. So even though I have not made them I saw your question while researching and thought I would pass on this tip to you. Hope it works for you.