Pasta – make ravioli dough with only all-purpose flour or do I NEED semolina flour


This is the exact recipe I'm talking about:

I'm not a very strong cook, I'm only 22 and have very little experience. I've got working with yeast down pact so I thought I'd try and make a pasta dish and I wanted to try this recipe but I can't find semolina flour ANYWHERE at my local stores. I really don't want to pay for special flour and have it shipped to my house.

Can I use more all-purpose flour in its place? What will happen if I don't use it? Will it ruin my dinner? Should I just find another recipe?

Best Answer

Pasta can be made from many types of flour. Often, this is predicated on style of pasta or the dish. 100% AP flour will be just fine for your ravioli. I use it often when making fresh pasta.

Substituting the AP flour for the semolina might impact the hydration. I would hold off on the water at first. If the dough feels too dry, add water a tablespoon at a time. Getting the correct hydration comes with practice when making pasta.