Remove tannins from tea without removing caffeine


I have a lovely black tea that is fairly high in caffeine, which I'd like to keep.
Unfortunately though, I'm not a fan of the bitterness caused by tannins, and I'd like to remove them if possible without leaching the caffeine as well.
I was thinking pre-rinsing the leaves with cold water for example, considering the solubility figures below:

Tannic acid solubility at 25 degees C: 2850 g/Ll
Caffeine solubility at 25 degrees C: 20 g/l
Caffeine solubility at 100 degrees C: 660 g/l

Are there any experimentally verified methods of doing this?

Best Answer

Adding a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of gelatin powder dissolved in the boiling water should do the trick. I fermented some arizona and used gelatin to remove the remaining yeast, only to find it removed the tannins as well, yielding a relatively clear liquid with a dark brown sediment at the bottom. I can't guarantee that it won't touch the caffeine, but i see no reason it would chemically.