What to call this utensil


I'd like to know how to call this cooking utensil, great for stirring soup and sauces. Origin eastern european, this particular one is Polish. Am trying to buy more but do not know what name to look for.

Utensil 1
Utensil 2

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I'm unsure about an English term, but in German it is a "Quirl", related to the "whorl" of twigs on a stem it was originally made of - for example from old Christmas trees:

whorl from a Christmas tree (source)

Later versions mimicked this with a star-shaped wooden or porcelain "head" on a wooden handle,

enter image description here enter image description here

(source / source)

the plastic head is a more modern twist:

enter image description here (source)

In Central Europe you should be able to buy them from either kitchen stores or - if regionally less common - from various online retailers.