3NF for table layout


Assuming a table with the following columns

UserID, UserName, Console, GameID, 
GameTitle, GameVendor, VendorCountry, Game Genre, NumberOfPlayers

Is this the correct 3NF?

Users(UserID,UserName, Console)


Vendors(GameVendor, VendorCountry)

Best Answer

None column can depend of non-key columns and need depend exclusive of primary key. That is, The third normal form states that you should eliminate fields in a table that do not depend on the key.

To be in the third normal form the entity must be meeting 2FN and 1FN.

Obviously, if you want to get a better answer you need inform more details of scope to we understand of what is being designed and the purpose of each column.

However, based on the information what you put in your question, the console does not depend on the user ID in the USERS table. So, I Believe that there must have more tables to controls console information:

CONSOLE(id, type)



CONSOLE_GAME(id, consoleId, gameId)

USERS(id,userName, consoleId)

VENDOR(gameVendor, vendorCountry)

Notice that I has created a entity called GAME_GENRE. Is a good pratick is padronize the datas with category tables.

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