AC with Oracle 12c


I'm thinking of configuring Application Continuity for my 2 node RAC (12c) database where my application is running on Weblogic server. Before I proceed with the setup of AC, I need to clarify/confirm few things regarding AC:

  1. AC does not require any changes on my application code. This is one of the reasons i'm going with AC because i'm using thin drivers where I cannot use TAF and I do not want FCF as that requires application code changes making it RAC aware. I believe all that is required is to only create a service for AC on my RAC server.
    1.(a) Does enabling FCF add advantage in addition to AC?

The link in 29th pages says FCF is mandatory — I need to reconfirm on that.

  1. Is it mandatory to use FCF with AC? If yes why? If no, I should be fine I guess.

  2. Are there any specific changes I should make in Weblogic server if I'm using AC? My Weblogic server could be a cluster/standalone and i'm using normal data source only.

Best Answer

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

For the above 2 points, see the below demos (first one is for RAC, second one for Data Guard):

  1. Yes. For details, see the below:

Application Continuity

WebLogic Server 12.1.1 and 10.3.6 Support for Oracle 12c Database (Doc ID 1564509.1)

Most importantly, you need to modify your data source to use the oracle.jdbc.replay.OracleDataSourceImpl Driver Class.