Creating index on foreign key column

foreign keyindexoracle

I have below table structure where one department can have many employees.


   dept_id(foreign key to department table)

Consider I have 30 departments and each department has 10k records.

Now I fire below query

select * from department dept, Employee emp where and;

My question is there any benefit on creating index on foreign key column dept_id of table Employee ?

Per my understanding, there should be benefit of creating index on column dept_id as without index DBMS has to scan all records of Employee
table to find dept_id=10. If there is index then it can quickly find the range of record having dept_id=10 with the help of non clustered index.

Best Answer

It is highly recommended to create an index on Employee.dept_id.

It should make a significant improvement for such SELECT statements. Even more important the index becomes on updates. You may lock entire table (forcing other sessions to wait) until you finish your transaction.

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