Error when using DBCA to create database Oracle XE 18c


I am trying to create a new database using dbca.
Windows 10.
Please help me to find solution.



Here is the log

Best Answer

Sorry it took me a while to get back to this. I see at least two major issues in the trace.log:

First, it appears your environment is misconfigured:

[main] [ 2021-02-03 15:09:37.030 GMT+03:00 ] [StepContext.:429] Error initializing Network Configuration: Environmental error detected: Oracle Home is set to "E:\oracle\client_19_3" in the environment is different from Oracle Net Configuration Assistant installed Oracle Home.

and second, it appears that you do not have enough physical memory on your host to run a database:

Name : dexp
Type : Node Has Results: Yes
Exp. value : 3,1543GB (3307520.0KB)
Act. value : 1,1372GB (1192476.0KB)
Info type : StorageSize
Info type : StorageSize

Errors : PRVF-7562 : Sufficient available memory is not available on node "dexp" [Required available memory = 3230.0 MB]