How to import export.sql in sql developer


In SQL Developer, from the top menu choose Tools > Data Export. This launches the Data Export wizard.
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So that is export. It creatres export.sql file. Now how to do import ? I am usgin SqlDeveloper 3.20.

Trygin to follow this tutorial , and have created new connection but I cannot find import.
Tools->Preferences->Database->Utilities->Import Method and than what ??
I have tried to run script @C:\locationOfExportFile\export.sql

And I am getting eroors

SQL Error: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
00942. 00000 – "table or view does not exist"

BTW, I have no idea what am I doing i just want to get that database to localhost. Other computer and my computer both have Oracle 11g Express database. Schema name is the same!

Best Answer

Open the file(s) it has created, and run them with F5 in SQL Developer. They should also work in SQL*Plus.

They'll create the tables/objects (if you have the Export DDL option checked), and then they'll INSERT the rows (if you have the Export Data option checked.)

Note that there are more efficient ways for moving objects/data around, especially when dealing with very large amounts of data - namely, Data Pump.

This particular feature is very helpful when wanting to do ad hoc data and object exports - especially when you, the developer, don't have access to run Data Pump.