Map login to user in restored database in SYBASE ASE 16


After restoring a database from other environment is there a way to map a user in the database to a login in the server. I can drop and recreate or alias but in MS SQL Server there is a way:

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Auto_Fix', 'user'

I was looking for something similar in SYBASE ASE 16

Best Answer

Sybase (ASE) does not provide any method for syncing system tables between a user db and the master db. It's up to the DBA/dbo to manually fix this after loading a database from a different dataserver (or loading an old db dump after the local dataserver's logins/roles/users/aliases has been (heavily) modified).

There are a few issues you'll want to consider:

  • users mapped to the wrong login (need to remap suid)
  • users with no login to map to (need to delete)
  • (db) roles mapped to the wrong (srvr) role (need to remap id)
  • (db) roles with no (srvr) role to map to (need to delete)
  • aliases mapped to the wrong login (easier to delete and re-run sp_addalias)
  • aliases with no login to map to (need to delete)
  • permissions with no associated grantee/granter (after cleaning up sysusers/sysalternates/sysroles)

Assuming you're looking for input/suggestions on how to go about patching sysusers ...

Do NOT perform these operations without first:

  • testing/verifying in a test database
  • making sure all changes are performed within a transaction and said changes are double-checked/verified before issuing a commit tran

Anyone proceeding with the following steps is solely responsible for any adverse outcomes!!

NOTE: sysusers contains data on users, groups and roles; the following applies to the entries for users.


  • db user names are the same as the associated login name (ie, should match
  • if logins have been mapped to users with different names (on purpose) ... the following will not work; the DBA will need to have a master list of what logins are supposed to be mapped to what users

General steps involved in patching user entries in sysusers:

-- mismatched sysusers entries

select  suid,suser_name(suid),name
from    sysusers
where   suid > 1
and     isnull(suser_name(suid),'DOESNOTEXIST') != name
and     name not in ('dbo','guest','probe','usedb_user')  # operator should review and update this list as necessary

-- assuming sysusers needs to be patched ...

-- enable updates of system tables

exec sp_configure 'allow updates to system tables',1
-- perform all updates inside a transaction !!!

begin tran

-- update sysusers based on =

update  sysusers
set     suid = suser_id(name)
where   suid            > 1
and     name            not in ('dbo','guest','probe','usedb_user')
and     suser_id(name)  != suid
and     suser_id(name)  is not NULL

-- delete sysusers where there is no =

delete  sysusers
where   suid            > 1
and     name            not in ('dbo','guest','probe','usedb_user')
and     suser_id(name)  is NULL

/* if any errors, or rowcounts are greater than expected:

   rollback tran


   commit tran

-- disable updates of system tables

exec sp_configure 'allow updates to system tables',0