Mysql – My SQL Server Upgrade from 5.6.12 to 5.6.22


I have a MySQL Server 5.6.12. I have this server as a windows service.

When i upgraded this, i did the following.

I stopped the service
I copied 5.6.22 server folder, removed the data folder.
From this folder(without Data Folder), I pasted into
existing 5.6.12 Server Folder.

I can see the server upgraded to 5.6.22.

But when i query the data, it shows only few rows. My Front End(web URL) shows.
500 rows. So I am not pointing to the correct place? Please advise.

What I am missing? The Disk Space in Data Dir says: unable to retrieve.


Best Answer

That's a very uncommon way to upgrade. Instead, leave the data folder in place.

  1. backup the data folder.
  2. install the new version
  3. run mysql_upgrade

(No, I can't explain what went wrong with what you did.)