Mysql – Need some clarification of another post’s method for restoring database with frm and ibd files


I want to ask a question in this one post at Restoring MySQL Tables from .ibd, .frm and mysqllogbin files but unfortunately my reputation isn't at 50 yet, so the system won't let me ask in that post.

So I ask here:

She figured out how to get her database restored through some trial and error. Her step #2 said:

Go into your command/terminal to open the MySQL utility, mysqlfrm, and
use it to find the structure of your table that you need to restore.
How I did that, was I cd'ed into the file location of mysqlfrm, then
entered "mysqlfrm –server=user:pwd@localhost –port=3307
"path_to_.frm_file" > table_name.txt". The .txt file should be saved
in the same folder as where your utilities are saved if you didn't
specify where you wanted it to go.

My question is this: I assume that I put the path to my frm file in that area she puts "path_to_.frm_file" so I'd do something like this: C:\MySQL_5.6.12\data\wordpress\mysqlfrm but I'm not understanding the "table_name.txt" part. Will I need to put the name of my table in the "table_name" part and am I correct in understanding that this will create a .txt file with my information and it will be saved where I have mysqlfrm and the other MySQL Utilities?

Other question is: she attempted this using WampServer 2.4 and MySQL 5.6.12 on Windows 2003 Server. I'm doing this in WAMP on MySQL 5.6.12 on a laptop running Windows 8. Is her method okay to do on Windows 8 or am I not in the same ballpark. I'd like to know before I would try her method.

Best Answer

table_name.txt is just the name of the file you're creating to save the CREATE statements in. By default, it should go into the same folder as the utilities, but if you'd rather it go somewhere else, you can do path_to_where\you_want_it_saved\table_name.txt and it should go there instead.