Mysql – Same Enteries in thesqld.log


I see my mysql log file and found approx 90% of below mention entries

2018-03-06 10:42:37 14950 [ERROR] Slave I/O: error connecting to master 'ad@' – retry-time: 60 retries: 399,
Error_code: 2003

Unfortunately, i dont have access on above machine and i have dropped the user ad@ but still its showing log entries. I want mysqld.log file must ignore this entry. Any idea

Best Answer

It seems that your MySQL server is configured as a slave server in a master - slave replication setup. If all you want is for the error messages to go away, then you can simply do:


And to remove the slave configuration:

RESET SLAVE; (Use RESET SLAVE ALL; on MySQL 5.5.16 and later versions.)

Also edit /etc/my.cnf (and any included .cnf files inside it) to remove any lines starting with master- and replicate-.

While the above is sufficient to prevent the server from attempting further replication, you can also restart mysqld to remove slave status information available from commands such as SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G.