Oracle 10g express database link to Oracle 8i


I upgraded a 9i install to 11g with only one problem. Database links between 11g and our legacy 8i database are no longer supported. I have to transfer data from 11g to 8i two or three times a day so I thought it might be possible to use 10g express to link the databases.
The data would be created in 11g, written to a table in 10g and then written to 8i. (I agree this is not the most elegant solution and I can improve it using advanced queue tables).

Does 10g express support database links to Oracle 8i?

Edit: thanks for the link to the Oracle documentation. Has anyone actually done this with 10g express?

Edit: The 8i database is Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release – Production
The intermediate would be the 10g express for windows
The origin database is Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – Production

Best Answer

Metalink 207303.1 is the Client/ Server Interoperability Matrix which will be the definitive documentation. Since the express edition of 10g is based on Oracle 10.2, a database link to an 8.1.7 database should be supported. Database links to earlier versions of 8i (8.1.5 or 8.1.6) are not supported from a 10.2 database. For general sanity, I'd strongly suggest that the 8i side be running at least the patchset but that isn't strictly required.