Oracle Database Migration using Oracle SQL Developer


I've 2 Oracle database on different machines [I connect to them via oracle SQL Developer
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Now I am planning to have machine 3 which will consolidate both Oracle instances on one new node

enter image description here

Question is what is best way to do this ?

I surfed & found that oracle SQL Developer can help check this Link

Does this will work ??
I have to fallow RMAN cloning option ?

What is best suitable way for doing this ?

Best Answer

why do you need windows at all? you even do not need sql developer.

  • shutdown the source database
  • scp datafiles(.dbf .ctl)
  • scp files in ORACLE_HOME/dbs (like initSID.ora, spfileSID.ora, and also password file)
  • you should also create dirs for diagnostic_dest (where alert.log is placed)
  • amend /etc/oratab
  • set the right SID
  • start the database

PS: this assumes that the Oracle version (including fixpack) is exactly the same.