Postgresql – Correct way to re-use or recover databases from “PostgreSQL 9.3” to “PostgreSQL 9.5”


I was using PostgreSQL 9.3, then I installed PostgreSQL 9.5, then I unistalled PostgreSQL 9.3.

Now I want to move the database from the folder of PostgreSQL/9.3/data/base of PostgresSQL 9.3 to PostgreSQL/9.5/data/base of PostgresSQL 9.5.

When I open PostgreSQL 9.5 from pg_admin I can't find the database.

I know copy past is not the correct way, so what is the correct way to move this databases from pg_9.3 folder to pg_9.5 so I can use them like any database.

When I unistall the PostgreSQL 9.3 I still find this folders bin, data, lib, data – Copie.rar.


I am using Windows as an OS.

Best Answer

Nice news, finally, I arrived to a Solution.

Just Install PostgreSQL 9.3 in the same folder, now I open pg_admin and all the databases are back.

Now I should to make a backup before I uninstall PostgreSQL again.

If someone have another idea, I can be happy to use it.