Postgresql install extension


I installed Posgresql version 10 (stable) through the source package (compiling manually) in the directory opt/pgv10/ .. on my OS LInux Debian Version 8.

I would like to use the HIPOPG extension 1, 2 to enable the creation of hypothetical indexes in postgresql.

I checked on document (link) you have to have the Dev package from postgresql, but I believe my installation does not have this (I think).

I tried to download the file extension .zip but can not proceed with the compilation and installation (with make and make install), because it gives the following message:
make: pg_config: Command not found
make: Nothing to be done for 'all'.

On .zip file that I downloaded has the files: hypopg – 1.0.0.sql hypopg.control hypopg_import.h META.json test typedefs.list expected hypopg.c hypopg_import.c Makefile

In tutorials on the internet, they talk to install via apt-get, but as I installed it manually I believe it will not work.

I tried to run the command:
create extension hypopg; in psql program, but gave the message below even though I put the hypopg.control files in opt/pgv10/share/postgresql/extension/

ERROR: could not access file "$ libdir / hypopg": No such file or directory

Would anyone know how to manually install an extension and if it would have to have the -dev package and how would I install that package.

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Best Answer

THe solution was:

$ export PATH=/opt/pgv10/bin:$PATH
-- go to hypopg directory
$ USE_PGXS=1 make install

Best Regards Neto