Pricing of databases in Azure


I am a little bit confused about pricing for Data in Azure.
I found on one MS Blog that 50GB has a price of $125.

Missing part for me is, if I have needs only for a database in the cloud:

  • Do I pay only the amount of $125?
  • Or I have to pay separately for RAM, storage, processors and others parts which one server needed to operate?
  • What is the story about the performance of an Azure database?
  • Do all the databases have the same resources available to operate?

Best Answer

That blog is a bit old, so I don't know if everything is still accurate. In the Azure world things work very fast and information changes often.

Info from the main Azure site:

The prices are per database per month!

Database Size Price Per Database Per Month Database Units (DU) that will appear on your Bill Greater than 10 GB to 50 GB $45.954 for first 10 GB, $1.996 for each additional GB

4.6 DU for first 10 GB 0.2 DU for each additional GB

That means that if you have a single database that's under 50 GB (and higher than the previous category of 10 gb), you'll pay 125$ per month while the database is online.