RavenDB – Disaster Recovery on a Replicated Instance

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EDIT: I'm encountering precisely the same issue.

  • Assume that I have two RavenDB instances.
  • Instance 1 contains one document: users/1.
  • Instance 2 contains three documents: users/2, users/3, and users/4.


  • Assume that I configure and enable replication for both instances.
    • That is, Instance 1 will replicate to Instance 2 and Instance 2 will replicate to Instance 1.
  • After replication, both instances will have all four documents.
    • But both instances will agree that users/1 's Raven-Replication-Source is Instance 1, and users/2, users/3, and users/4 will have their Raven-Replication-Source set to Instance 2.


  • Assume that Instance 1 suffers a catastrophic failure and I need to reinstall RavenDB.


  • My testing shows that in this scenario: users/2, users/3, and users/4 will again be replicated to Instance 1.
  • However, users/1 will not be replicated to Instance 1 because its Raven-Replication-Source is Instance 1.

My Question:

  • How can I force Instance 2 to replicate users/1 back to Instance 1, even though users/1 was originally created on Instance 1 and its Raven-Replication-Source is Instance 1?

Best Answer

Configure replication as 'Changed and Replicated'.