Sql-server – A row read and locked with UPDLOCK, ROWLOCK, READPAST is not subsequently available

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For many years we had a simple queue system, where a regularly executed loop would select and lock a next available row and call a stored procedure to actually process it, which, in turn would also select the same row with the same locking hints.

In a simplified form:

begin tran; 

select top (1) @current_queue_row_id = QueueTable.row_id
  dbo.QueueTable with (updlock, rowlock, readpast)
  inner join <other tables>
  QueueTable.status = 'Placed'
  and <other tables>.something = 'OK';

if @current_queue_row_id is not null
    exec dbo.ProcessQueueItem @current_queue_row_id;

commit tran;
create procedure dbo.ProcessQueueItem
    @queue_row_id int
    select <@variables> = <columns>
    from dbo.QueueTable with(rowlock, updlock, readpast)
    where row_id = @queue_row_id;

This worked for years, but after updating to SQL Server 2016 we intermittently (several times a week) see a situation where the outer select top (1) would find a row, call ProcessQueueItem, and it would fail because its select returns nothing, so all @variables remain null. We have put in all sorts of logging and determined that the value passed to ProcessQueueItem is a valid one, and that current_transaction_id() returns the same value in the outer code and inside ProcessQueueItem.

The isolation level is READ COMMITTED, but no one is even trying to delete rows from anywhere, so non-repeatable reads should not be a problem.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with our setup in the first place, so that it's no wonder it broke after a server upgrade, or does this look like a problem in SQL Server 2016?